New Release!

Coming on October 12th! Currently Love Under a Diamond Sky is available on pre-order for e-books on Smashword and Amazon. The paperback version will be available 10/12 on Amazon.

Music, diamonds, or love that lasts forever.

Live by the rules and no one gets hurt has been her mantra. And it’s worked until a music festival in Denmark. The weeklong concert is Clare Hadley’s first chance to break loose of the rigid routine which has controlled every aspect of her life since before she was born. The passionate affair with smoldering Russian Alexander Kirillovsky is meant to be a fond memory but her heart won’t let go of Alexander. Her return to New York is marred by everlasting yearning to see him again as her world falls apart when she becomes the main interest of the Russian mafia, an organization hell bent on seizing control of the diamond mines Alexander is set to inherit. Circumstances beyond their control drive them apart but fate keeps them bound together as the Russian mafia uses Clare to win the mines.

Alexander Kirillovsky wants amenity. In Clare, he finds someone who loves him for himself, not for the limitless fortune he will one day inherit. The world is a dangerous place in and out of the mines, one he’s used to, and one he never expects to share with Clare. Alexander must fight to save Clare but also to decide which is more infinitely more valuable – her love or his inheritance?

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